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This year’s Harvest Thanksgiving Service will be held on  Sunday 26th September in Edzell Church at 11.00am.  Please email    photos of harvest (whether agricultural, foods, flowers or similar) , these  will shown in the church on Harvest Sunday. As with previous years all harvest gifts brought to the service are to be donated to Brechin Community Pantry our local foodbank.

The Pantry have confirmed that they are currently short of the following items:-


Food:- Tinned meat, tinned meat pies, tinned soup, tinned tomatoes, tinned baked beans, tea bags, jars coffee, sugar, breakfast cereal, fresh fruit and vegetables. Toiletries:- deodorants, shampoo, shower gel,  toilet rolls. Household items:- washing powder, washing-up liquid and finally ‘bags for life’. Cash donations are also welcomed.


Can you please bring your donations to the service, if you are unable to attend and wish to have them collected or have any questions please contact Martin Dayman on 01356 660488. 

Thanking you for your help on behalf of Brechin Community Pantry. restart