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Life Events

Edzell Parish Church, as part of the national  Church of Scotland, recognise the  below as life events and not just big day events. Prior to the event we will assist with  preparations , on the day we will deliver a service with care, blessings  and love of God for you and your family and after the event  offer ongoing support and fellowship. 


Most parents want to give their child a good start in life, and for many parents this means thinking about Baptism or 'Christening'.


A Baptism of a new baby is an important event in the life of a family, and in the life of our Church family. In the baptismal service the child’s parents or relatives profess their own faith and promise to give the child a Christian upbringing. In the case of infant baptism the Church asks that at least one parent or other close family member is a member of the Church or willing to become a member. 


Baptism is not only for infants but for people of any age who have not been baptised before. In the case of adult baptisms the person themselves makes the appropriate promises.


Baptism is normally administered at our Sunday service in front of the congregation. This emphasises the nature of the sacrament as becoming part of the body of Christ and the life of the Church. In the case of emergencies, e.g. in a hospital situation, these arrangements can be more flexible. Should the family so wish, we can offer to record the service and display any photos on the Church  screens. 

One of the baptismal promises made by parents at the baptism of their child, or by adults at their own baptism, is to become part of the Church’s life.  The Minister is happy to discuss any of the above on an individual basis.


Marriage 2.jpg

The church provides a natural setting for weddings to take place. A wedding is a special  occasion in the life of any couple. Before any date is finalised, contact should be made with the Minister to find out both his and the Church’s availability. The Minister will confirm the date agreed upon with the couple and, if required, the Organist. Other arrangements for the wedding and the reception, including the provision of flowers for the Church and the printing of hymn sheets, are the couples responsibility.


Couples are free to choose whichever hymns they like and think might be appropriate. However it is worthwhile choosing hymns that the congregation will know. Hymn books are available in the church. Should the family so wish, we can offer to record the service and display any photos on the Church  screens. 

The Minister will require to meet  the couple to discuss the practical details of the marriage some months in advance of  the wedding  to discuss the meaning of Christian Marriage and the details of the Marriage Ceremony . Be sure to make an appointment! A rehearsal will be held usually a couple of nights  before the wedding day. It is advisable, but  not  essential, that the couple to be married bring the wedding schedule with them to the rehearsal as it is their responsibility  to ensure the details  are correct and that they  have it with them on the day of the wedding . The Church may be viewed prior to the wedding at our 11am Sunday service. Make yourself known to the minister after the service and he will be glad to assist you with your enquiries.

Funeral / Memorial Services

A bereavement is a difficult time for everyone. People have many different feelings and emotions about what has happened. Grief, anger, relief, and thanksgiving are all common feelings. On top of all the natural emotions that are felt when a death occurs, there are many arrangements to be made.

If you are a member of Edzell Parish Church, or live within the church’s parish you can call on the services of the Minister to conduct a funeral or memorial service.

Funeral 1.jpg

You can also ask the minister to visit during a long illness or as life is ending. This can often be a source of comfort, strength and help to a family. Before you make any plans or decisions it is important that you engage a reputable Funeral Director who will guide you through the sometimes complex arrangements that need to be made. It is the job of the Funeral Director to act as the link between you and the Minister, as well as make any of the necessary bookings for the Church service or the Crematorium or Cemetery.


The Minister will make arrangements to meet with you to discuss the content of the funeral service after all parties have agreed the date, time and venue. Things you will need to think about will include hymns, readings and the content of the tribute. Should the family so wish, we can offer to record the service, play requested music  and display any photos on the Church  screens. The Minister will be happy to guide you through these arrangements.

If you have any question on any of the above Life events then please contact the Minister

Rev. Dr. Wayne Pearce      01356 648117


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