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We believe that Jesus Christ is the central figure of all time, and the one true means of bringing meaning to life for all people, of all ages, at all times.


Our understanding of God, is described in the words of the Apostles Creed, and also, in the Westminster Confession of Faith. We are Reformed in our theology and Presbyterian in our governance.


Jesus is also the central figure of the Christian faith, and what he did and said, still lives on. All, because he lives on! Meaning that Christians follow him as well as his example.


For Edzell Church that means reaching-out to our community and all who are a part of it. And so, we want to care, love, help and pray. But most of all we want to tell people about Jesus, and help them to find, and know, the life that he offers. 


The present Church on Edzell Muir dates from 1818, although Christian worship has been practised in the area, since the 9th century. Various factors and events have determined the present, including the Reformation, the development of the planned town of Edzell, the Disruption which promoted the establishment of the Free Church and the union of Free Church and Church of Scotland. Also, the demise of smaller local Churches and changes in the community, employment and people's lifestyle.

Due to the age of the church building  a fundraising development group have successfully raised approximately half of what is required to renew the windows,  and upgrade the heating, lighting and sound system incorporating audio visual facilities. Information on the funding and how to donate can be seen on the Restoration page. 

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