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Mission Group


Edzell Church Mission Group is involved in helping with worship and outreach. We organise a Prayer Rota to involve the congregation in the Sunday Service and we create an alternative Sunday Service on about three or four occasions during the year, often to step in when our ministers are unavailable.

Our main outreach project involves the congregation in helping with a street kitchen, “Graham’s Kitchen” which operates every Saturday in Dundee from 7.30pm until 9pm. We share hot food and conversation with anything between 12 and 35 homeless and vulnerable people, underneath Debenham’s car park.


The project hasn’t missed a Saturday in 5 years.  Including Edzell Church, there are five different small groups of volunteers who work in rotation to cook a meal such as stovies or casserole.  It is kept hot in an army field kitchen and served from the boot of a car.

We use the church kitchen on a Saturday morning in order that several of us can help prepare the meal by peeling potatoes etc and then a few of us take it to Dundee where it is our privilege to share the food and enjoy the lively and varied conversations of our guests.

The Mission Group re-introduced Christmas Gift Sunday in Advent and informed the congregation of suitable gifts to be made at Harvest Thanksgiving. These can then be given out locally where need is recognised.

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