The Prayer Group

The prayer group all have a time of prayer at their own homes between 10 and 11am on a Fri morning. Each week there is a slightly different set of prayers.


Prayers for week from Fri 26th Feb.

We continue to pray for the ongoing needs of the world again and all the worries people have. 

We give thanks to God that we have Him in our lives to help and encourage us, being with us when we have sadness and problems and are feeling down. That we have his wonderful message in the bible to guide us and give us strength. 

We also give thanks for the freedom we have to worship, to talk about Him and have fellowship. We remember those places in the world where this is forbidden, where people are punished and risk being put in prison if they read the bible or have Christian meetings. How hard that must be. We pray you will give them courage and hope, that things might change and keep them safe. 

We continue our prayers for the young and old, such different lives and yet all needing things to improve and to be reassured that we will get through this. We bring before you the people who are working also, glad to have jobs but under pressure as their working lives are so different and yet expected to do everything as usual. Help them when they feel stressed out. 

 I remember the young ones in our club, who, when asked to suggest a Motto, thought about it and said ‘ Everybody Counts’ Even young people of 12yrs and 13 years understand how things should be, that gives us hope too. 

We pray that everyone, no matter their circumstances, or where they live in the world, will at least have a roof over their head, enough food, health care, education, a safe environment and peace and all the other things most of us take for granted.  Everybody counts. 

We thank you for the vaccination programmes and that vaccines are now going to poorer countries too, so that all may be protected. 

We pray that all the charities will be able to continue fundraising for those in greatest need, helping them and giving them hope. We pray for all the work of our own church, here and overseas, which is so varied and amazing.  We also remember the work of those who go to disaster areas, earthquakes etc that they will be given permission to go to help and let folk know that the world is thinking about them and they are not forgotten. 

Words of a little song. 

Whisper a prayer in the morning, whisper a prayer at noon, whisper a prayer in the evening to keep your heart in tune. 

God answers prayer in the morning, God answers prayer at noon, God answers prayer in the evening so keep your heart in tune. 

Thank You God for answering our prayers. 


Please feel free to get in touch with requests or with personal private prayers.


If you wish to join with us at home please contact Gill Reid

The Prayer Group wish to let you know that we are very much in operation still and are remembering all those prayers currently on the tree.

There are currently four members of the group actively working together in Prayer but should anyone wish to join us please give Gill Reid a call on 07732 978653.

Personal requests can be made  to the above number by phoning or sending a text message or by email to In all cases strict confidentiality will be maintained.

We are thinking of you all and holding our Church and our community in prayer.


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