The Prayer Group

The prayer group all have a time of prayer at their own homes between 10 and 11am on a Fri morning. Each week there is a slightly different set of prayers.


Prayers for week from Fri 9th April

Father God,
We come before you with open hearts.   Help us to have open hearts when we pray for others and/or doing pastoral work.   Bless us father as we draw near to you.
We mention first our Prayer tree and personal prayers that have been put on it.   We thankyou Father for answered prayer.

We pray for the turmoil in this world through politics, religion, greed and selfishness.   Help us Father, as well as honouring and caring for the beauty of our world to remember the places where children suffer.   Parents who have no food for themselves or their children.   Clean water,  which we may take for granted.   Help us to be ever grateful for water.   To be charitable towards people who dig wells so that many more of your people can drink clean water.

We give thanks for those of us who have been saved of Covid19, and mourn with those who have lost a loved one.

Enable and empower our NHS to meet the needs caused by Covid19 and bless NHS for their vocation to become nurses and doctors and “sticking with it” when called to do so.

We pray for our community here in Edzell.   Remembering those who are shielding.   Bless them Father.   Keep them well and healthy in their minds whilst coping at times with loneliness.   They are not alone but lonely.  We pray for the day when The Cottage will be up and running again, and all activities, including The Cottage meal on Mondays, enjoyed by so many, re-instated.

Jesus is the same today, tomorrow and forever and we give thanks for your Grace and your loving presence in our lives.   No matter what, you are there beside us.

We would ask you to break the chains of addiction, alcoholism and gambling.   Once again praying for children who suffer deprivation because their parents have made wrong choices.

We pray Lord for revival in your church.    Children, coming for baptism,  and then returning for Sunday School.

All our prayers are spoken In Jesus name.   Our Rock and our Redeemer.



Please feel free to get in touch with requests or with personal private prayers.


If you wish to join with us at home please contact Gill Reid

The Prayer Group wish to let you know that we are very much in operation still and are remembering all those prayers currently on the tree.

There are currently four members of the group actively working together in Prayer but should anyone wish to join us please give Gill Reid a call on 07732 978653.

Personal requests can be made  to the above number by phoning or sending a text message or by email to In all cases strict confidentiality will be maintained.

We are thinking of you all and holding our Church and our community in prayer.


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