The Prayer Group

The prayer group all have a time of prayer at their own homes between 10 and 11am on a Fri morning. Each week there is a slightly different set of prayers.


Prayers for week from Fri 11th June

We  bring to God all those known to us, near and far. Our families, our friends and our community. We give thanks for them, and for all those who have accompanied us on our life's journey,  whether for a short time or for longer, who have enriched our lives and helped us to know more of God.

We bring those who need a special touch of God's love, healing, peace or wisdom.


We pray for our global neighbours, especially  where there is hardship of any kind. Pray especially for the Integral Alliance which is a partnership of 22 Christian development agencies from around the world. They help in diverse places and situations, eg a refugee crisis in Burkina Faso; in China with the Covid crisis. Praise God for the many lives which have been transformed and pray for the continued sharing between Integral members 


Pray for Godly leadership in all spheres of life.


Pray for the vulnerable and week in our society. Especially pray for children who have been traumatised by violence or war; Jesus had a special place in his heart for children. Thank God for national and international programmes which seek to share the love of God with young people, esp Scripture Union and their programmes in school, churches and camps.

Thank God for those who give up their time as leaders and volunteers and pray for them.


Finally pray for yourself, knowing we 'hold and are held' by our loving Heavenly Father; that as we experience His love in our lives, we might be His hands and feet, salt and light as we go about our days, to His glory.


Please feel free to get in touch with requests or with personal private prayers.


If you wish to join with us at home please contact Gill Reid

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The Prayer Group wish to let you know that we are very much in operation still and are remembering all those prayers currently on the tree.

There are currently four members of the group actively working together in Prayer but should anyone wish to join us please give Gill Reid a call on 07732 978653.

Personal requests can be made  to the above number by phoning or sending a text message or by email to In all cases strict confidentiality will be maintained.

We are thinking of you all and holding our Church and our community in prayer.


Prayer Tree