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You are warmly welcome in Jesus name, as you visit our website and to our

local Parish Church in Edzell, a village within Angus, Scotland.

As part of The Church of Scotland, we seek to make the Christian faith known through words and actions, in our community. Making Jesus known in all that we do and say, to people of all ages. 


As of 1st January 2023 we are now  Edzell Parish Church incorporating the former linkage of Edzell, Lethnot, Glenesk and Fern, Careston, and  Menmuir. We also cover Strathcathro and  are now part of the new Presbytery of Perth. 

Edzell Church services are every Sunday's at 11:00am

Click on the link below to view the latest video of our Sunday Service

Future Events

The Christian Aid Lunch held in the Church hall on May 16th raised £390


Are you up for the Bible Challenge?

As our Monday 10th January , I’m inviting  my congregations, their friends and

viewers of this website, to join me in a Bible reading challenge. To join me in

committing to reading consecutively through the Bible with one chapter of the

Old Testament and one of the New Testament scriptures daily. And so, we will

begin at Genesis 1 and Matthew 1 this coming Monday. The daily readings

could be divided into morning and evening. Some may wish to use an audio

version of the Bible which are available online. I tend to use the ESV but you

can use whatever version of the Bible you like.

I will post the chapters to be read daily on our Facebook site - and will invite folks to comment ‘read’ or something similar as an incentive to continue daily. I know that some friends already daily read the Bible. Others regularly do so. However, many today do not and that includes many church members. And yet the Bible is a treasure trove of wisdom and reveals the way, the truth, and the life. It is to be a lamp for our feet and light for our path. And given the influence of the Bible on our history, culture, morality, literature, etc, I invite non-Christian friends to join in too. A small commitment on our part will be richly rewarding. Go on, join me. I challenge you. 

Every Blessing Wayne. 

Sounds from Heaven

Some months back I mentioned some folks I know who were converted in what is known as the Lewis Revival. And I recommended to the congregation that they watch a video on the subject or read 'Sounds from Heaven'. Bruce (pictured) purchased a copy and was so impressed by the testimonies therein he bought a further 30 copies to hand out to members of the congregation.


Stay Connected

If anyone would like assistance accessing any of the online information, please contact Douglas Gow in the first instance. 

If anyone knows of an individual or family in need of pastoral care, please advise any one of us on the contact list provided.

Edzell Church contact information can be found here Contacts.

Church Magazine - Easter 2023

The 1st issue of the newly formed "Edzell Parish Church" magazine is now available with updates from the various groups and news of things to come, along with recipes advice an introduction to some of the people who make up our congregation.

Click on the button to download the Church Magazine 

Quote for the week

I never saw an ugly thing in my life: for let the form of an object be what it may - light, shade, and perspective will always make it beautiful.


John Constable

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Click on the Donate button above to support Edzell, Lethnot, and Glenesk Churches to improve the Kirk and reach out to others. 

Church Update

Edzell Church  doors are  open for Sunday worship and music at 11:00 and the Church Hall is now

re-open for bookings. We look forward to welcome those who are able to come along. The new carpets are down in the Sanctuary and the entrance. Along with the improvements and benefits of the  new windows, heating , lighting and Audio Visual equipment the Church is looking great.


For those unable to attend we will be recording and uploading the service to our Youtube Channel which is Edzell Parish Church, as well as to this website for viewing. Please Subscribe to our Youtube channel to be kept updated of all new church videos.


Technology and on-line services come at a cost and if you are able to support the church during these difficult times then you can either click on the DONATE button above or contact our treasurer Tim Ambrose at who can offer various options.

Stay safe. God bless.

Rev. Wayne Pearce

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